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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/30/2010
  • Severity: 10

Tiffiany E. Wells

Cheater, Liar, Fraud

South Lake, Texas

Tiffiany E. Wells says she is from Horry ,South Carolina, Las Vegas, NV. and South Lake
Texas, she is a ex inmate from Nevada you can go on line and see her inmate file in Nevada, in prison for prostitution, drugs, and fraud. she will take everything you have , you will meet her on line on her My Space page or on a dating site or strip club in Texas.
She will take everything from you and tell you if you report her she will tell your family you went out with a ex inmate. look her history in Nevada and other reports from the FBI file on her before doing anything with this person. She likes to date young kids in their teens while dating older guys to pay the bill. be very carful. do your home work.


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  • Submitted: 06/09/2011
I know this person and believe i know where u can locate her
Who Scammed You Commenter
how can this person be found. She stole from alot of people. credit cards, bank accounts.
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  • Submitted: 08/03/2011
I live near her, she did it to me too. what a horrible person she is.
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  • Submitted: 08/03/2011
Tiffiany E Wells now resides on Kingfish st South Padre Island TX, she is living with a man that she refers to as a trick and is bleeding him dry, even though she constantly demeans him and abuses him, he is going to marry her on 11/11/2011. she has a bad cocaine, pill, Xanax, and alcohol problem. shes the biggest piece of trash on the island.
So you want her come get her. so she will stay out of my establishment, and stop making scenes, my customers complain every time she's here.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Please be very careful around this person.
If this is the correct person she
has been hiding from law enforcement's fraud department for two years. when she ended her parole in Nevada. she was in prison for prostitution with knowingly having STD'S and working as a prostittue, forgery, drug charges 3 times.
incarceration was for more then 3 years.
She and hir sister Nikki Stoll who works for the Palyboy club in Las Vegas, NV share the same charges excpt that Ms. Stoll never has been charged with having sex with a minor.
Mother Judy Wells
Tiffiany E. Wells
born 03-28-1970
2 child: female 01-01-2001
male 08-28-1991
blonde hair /blue eyes
tats include barb wire around arm and tramp stamp on lower back.
she is bi sexual, and perfers women.
Just days off parole Ms. Wells was involved with her girlfriend Katrina in a Auto theft and burglary in Las Vegas, NV . this burglary resulted in Credit card theft.

Her last conquest in Las Vegas involved a young boy killing himself as his father was to marrry Ms. Wells and she had a relationship with the boy sending him nude photos and calling him all night. this child never spoke with his father again and killed himself a year after Ms. Wells left Las Vegas, in 2009.
If this is the same person, be very careful of her, she gets men to hurt people and some how talks them into doing things they normally would never do.
Need more info on address to send to fraud department and FBI, yes she has a file with them also.

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  • Submitted: 08/04/2011
she has a barbwire tattoo on her upper arm and a tramp stamp, and that is her in the top part of the picture. she has a new white altima and her boyfriend (Brian) drives a white suburban the address is 108A East Kingfish St. South Padre Island TX 78597.
hope this helps you please up date us of any developments on her case.

thanx, Emotionally Scarred
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  • Submitted: 08/18/2011
Have not heard if you have enougn information or do u need more? Just looking for an update..I have to live in this town with her and I am worried and watching my back because of what u said...please give me an update.

Who Scammed You Commenter
A compile of all the information from the past has been resent to horry police in SC.
Information to the Las Vegas, NV Metro crime force on Auto theft where they wish to question
her about a 09 theft with her girlfrend wish to question her.
Lewisville , TX with to question her a forth time for ID theft.
A packet was sent to the FBI, IRS for month not reported from theft of Airline Tickets.

As my Client was told many want this person back in prison where she was just 3 years ago.
and she did 4 years of a long sentance but good time let her go free.

And it took years for that. You can find her record by going to Clark county , NV courts and typing her name. TIFFANY E. WELLS SSN# 456-99-0443

Two years ago she got away from investigators by saying she lived at 320 Teakwood, Lewisville, TX 79708.

Then she contacted Lewisville police and said she lived at 680 Burcale rd. Myrle Beach, SC 29579.

All agencys have been sent the same packet with what is believed to be a new address but
they have gone through this before. So it will most likely tike time.

As you have seen she is a very bad problem with drugs and will done anything for them, prostiution , she is a stripper that gets the cusomers. She sales drugs, she is into telling
people she is a Nurse and uses this to get office jobs in Medical Offices to steal but does not last if back ground is done. She will not last long without your local police chief Smith , seeing. so if someone does not pick her up soon your department will catch her.

any all infomation will help.
Be strong and stay away she is a ex inmate and has done hard time.

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  • Submitted: 08/31/2011
I am hoping this will all be over soon..the address is a valid one but the place is a rental and now has a for sale sign on it..she is there still ,I know someone who lives close sees her on a daily basis. good luck and cant wait till this it over and this awful person is where she belongs.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Just receved new infromation. Wells is supposed to have meet up with another ex nmate from Southern desert Correctional Center in Indian Springs Nevada. This might be the Brian you spoke of. The fraud unit of the South Carolina Office asked if I could find out his last name.It will be easy to see if he is the ex con they believe she met up with . anyone can access court recorts . if so they both where apprehended in Pioche NV. transporting Methamphetaomine. It takes so long for anyone to do anything, if you see Tiffainy E. Wells or Tiffiany E. Commack record she had been arested some many times over and voer again for prostitution and for child endanferment and having sexual contact with a child under the age of 16 his name was Adam. and so many times it would be hard to list her lawyer K. Kennedy must of became rich from her. and who paid for him? Nevada Department of Corrections list her as a NARCISSIST and a PSYCHOPATH it is not her fault she ledt both her children and never cared for anyone but herself so stealing money from everyone is because they are stupied. In the movies these people aget arrested what they do in real life is much diferent. It is hard to go to prisonti took Ms. Wells crime after crime and failing probation to go to prison.I hear it is easy to go to jail in Texas so I hope she finds the law and if she did not resister herself as a ex felon or sex offender she is breaking the law again. let the people you care for no who she is and stay away from her and her friend. They will both go to jail soon as he has to know what she is doing ex felon himself or not.
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  • Submitted: 09/05/2011
I dont know anything else and I can only keep my ears and eyes open...I just dont understand why this is taking so long...she is here I have seen her..u should notify the police sure she isnt registered as a sex offender...let me know any updates
Who Scammed You Commenter
Sorry, I know of nothing she has done in your area. If she is still purchasing drugs or still into prostitution she will be in custody soon I would think.
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  • Submitted: 09/05/2011
shes herself a man with a little bit of money...he brings it all to her is what i hear.
Who Scammed You Commenter
  • jd13
  • Submitted: 09/13/2011
Tiffiany is still married, i know this because i am the dad of her first child who she has not seen since he was 4 and is now 20 and lives with me still. I married her in 1991 in Las Vegas, Nv. and we never got divorced, so if she did get married thats one more crime to add to her long list. I know for certain this is a piece of shit for a human. She may look good on the outside but she is a calculating cold person. I was with her for 10 years, believe me I know.
If i could say anything to her, I would laugh at her stupid ass and wish her the best of times in prison again. loser bitch. You know when shes locked up she fks the gaurds to get things.
What a simple whore she is. yes simple.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Tiffiany Wells is none of those things just because she dumped the two of her ex's one16yrs. ago and never saw again the other over 3 yrs. Ago, you two get together to stalk and threaten and keep abusing her?
Go get a life!
Leave her alone, she's happy and has not given a thought to either of you in years.
You two are cyber bullies and better clean your own houses first!!
Who Scammed You Commenter
That's JD13 her ex husbands latest mug shot
Who Scammed You Commenter
Stop stalking me and leave me alone!!
You know what you did to me.
I never wronged either one if you.
And if anyone is as heartless to keep fueling the fire of my stalkers you havnt checked up
On your information!
I don't bother anyone, I'm a business owner, if you need to keep posted on my updates I suggest you come by!!
Who Scammed You Commenter
Google Larr green in las Vegas. He started this site. Look up on the first page the article in the Las Vegas Review Journal regarding one oh his many sexual harassment cases dated 2007.
That's SR. Officer Larr Green 6019 Ghost Town Trail, Las Vegas, NV 89118
Hacienda n Jones cross streets.
Who Scammed You Commenter
CASE NO. 00C168058


To all the horrible people that have written such trash about such a caring, honest and loving woman, I say take a hard look at yourself first. Are you a perfect person? Have you ever done anything wrong in your life? It seems as though you have nothing better to do with your life than to post horrible untruthful and venoms lies about a very kind and wonderful woman.
I have known Tiffiany for many years and can tell you she is a highly respected member of our community. It is with great honor to have her as part of our community. She has only shown caring and love for all around her. She will take care of others before herself. She volunteers to help others in need. Tiffiany is a successful business woman, and works extremely hard at maintaining the top awards she has received for her business.
I cannot believe there is a couple of bored, useless, lying people that have no life of their own and decide to post such trash, untruthful remarks, and personal information online about such a respectable woman. I only hope that this will come back on them 100 times worse until they beg for forgiveness and remove all these untruthful posts.
To Ms Tiffiany Wells, The good people that know you do not believe a word of this trash and you will always continue to have the love and respect from us as you have so caringly given to us for all these years. you guys have nothing else to do? It's pretty pathetic that you take this means to cause damage to someone who just wasn't the right person for you. it takes 2 people to be "soul mates" at apparently she wasn't yours. Get over it and move on. Having all this bad karma swirling around you is going to cause you guys to have major health issues or other life altering experiences. Larr, you of all people, should realize this.
Do good in your lives. Live well and live on the right side of love. If Tiffiany has done even 1/10 of what these nasty messages accuse her of, do you not think karma is going to find her too?

Bottom line: You got dumped. Get over it and find someone who can appreciate you. Life is too short to carry all this hate inside.
Someone told me,that a friend of theirs,is being
Someone told me,that a friend of theirs,is friends with Larr,now I am worried,that he may try to harass her.There are children involved also,and he said that Tiffany was his wife,that screwed him over.Also he has a kid on dope too.I was told he was on the gay side,I don't think a little man like Larr,could have hacked working in a mens prison.So your comment just may be true. Now why would he harp on this Tiffany,maybe she wasn't,or is his wife,remember according to this post,he seems the one extremely upset over this.I am worried about the kids that may be involved,this is scary.

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