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  • Submitted: 05/31/2010
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John Lawrence

Romance Scam

Springfield, Virginia, 22152

He contacts you by Yahoo Instant Messenger and professes his love for you shortly after you start talking to him using IM. He sends you love poems, flowers, candy after only a couple of weeks. Tells you he works for himself as a subcontractor for crude oil companies. He has been working on a bid for a contract that will net him enough money to retire even though he claims to be 58 years old.

He claims he wants to marry you as he is very lonely as his wife left him 15 yrs ago and ran off to Cuba and left their 6 month old diabetic daughter with him. He claims to have been born in Amsterdam Holland and his father is the Defense Minister of Holland who has many mistresses. His mother came to the US with him and then went back to Holland and raised his daughter until she died at the age of 18 from diabetes.

When I told him I was coming out to visit him, he suddenly said he won the contract and would be at the contract office all day. Then he told me the contract office sent him to Waco TX for the briefing by private jet. Originally he told me he expected to make $489,750 for two weeks worth of work setting up an oil rig. After this so called briefing he tells me he won two contracts and now was going to earn $1,450,000. He tells me to contact a realtor so he can buy a house as he is moving to NY to be near me. He wants me to pick out the house and when I asked him what was the price range he wanted to pay, he said $600,000. Just before he leaves for the contract which is in the United Arab Emerites, he tells me he has a heart condition that involves irregular heart beats and that it is nothing to worry about.

After one week, he sends an IM telling me that he has a problem and he needs my help. He states that he didn't go to work that day as he was having problems with his heart and that he is afraid he is going to have to come back to the states as he didn't bring enough of his heart medications. I asked him what he needed me to do to help him. He wanted me to go the Paynesville, MN to get his medicine. Since he told me he lived in Springfield, VA I asked him how come I had to go to MN. He said that was the only place in the world that I could get the medicine he needed. I asked why he didn't call the place to order the medicine and have it delivered overnight and he said he didn't have the phone number. He wanted to know how long it would take me to get to MN and i told him that I would have to drive and i couldn't tell him the answer without an address so I could get a map from mapquest which will also tell me how long it would take to get there. He was worried because he only had one pill left for the next day.

When i looked up the address using, there was no pharmacy listed for the street address. I played his game and asked him how much the medicine was going to cost and he said $1,350. I asked him if it wouldn't be easier to get his roommate to get a refil for him as he could look up the phone number and that he could wire him the funds to pay for it. Suddenly his roommate is on vacation in Germany. I told him that I didn't have that much money. Then he said he could probably get away with half of the prescription. I told that I still couldn't pay for it and then he asked me how much I could get. I told him only $300. His response was OMG I am not happy at all. I can't believe you can't help me. So I told him that I could probably ask my son for the money to which he said he didn't want me to tell anyone. I told him that I would figure something out and then he asked me to go to my bank and get the $300 out right away. I told him I would, but I had no intention of doing this. I knew he sounded too good to be true and that time would show me who he really was. I know he is on several websites and he claims he has a Dutch accent. When i called him I couldn't even understand half of what he said. I think he is really from Nigeria according to his IP address.

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