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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 05/31/2010
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Craig Holmes

PetroChemical Engineer

Beverly Hills, California

These are the information he gave me when we were getting to know each other via eharmony and yahoo IM chat.

Craig Holmes
Age 38
Single & supposedly well off
Catholic and goes to Good Shepherd Church in Beverly hills ( not sure if this is true)
Lives in Beverly Hills
Has a black labrador dog named Mottie
2 cars (Land Rover & BMW)
PetroChemical Engineer
travels often to Equitorial Guinea or Scotland for "oil" jobs
Half Italian Half American
Good english but has an accent and uses some english words uncommon in USA
Very charming and attentive
Suposedly just bought 2 oil blocks in Africa
Dream project - to own his own oil servicing company
known phone numbers 44 704 577 1601 ( UK mobile)
234 803 570 4652 ( Nigerian mobile)
known email address
Will ask for money after he is supposedly been robbed and asks to wire funds to a bank account in China.

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PetroChemical Engineer


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