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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 06/01/2010
  • Severity: 10

Peter Bamo, Peter Blaze, Yesmathatmebella

Claims to Sold $8m Farm/Asks U Open Bank Acct

St. Petersburg, Florida, Nigeria phone: 234.8027554389

SCAM COMES FROM STATE OF OBO, NIGERIA: Peter Bamo, Chuck Peter Bamo, now Peter Blaze, and yesthatmebealla, claims he is from Worthing, West Sussex, UK; St. Petersburg, Fl, Lancaster, CA. Found me and had me believe I helped him find two flats in Liverpool, UK,[he may have then been in Lagos his webcam broke] claiming is brother took his Fathers all after the death. Claimed he found acerage in Lagos, Obo, Nigeria sold for 8 million plus in Feb '10, asked for a computer, sent an IBM Thinkpad, claimed he was madly in love with me since Oct-May, gets on social sites, after finding his "mark," he removes all his photos and info from site before claims needs no site U are the only one for him, etc. Has multiple marks at same time ostensibly. Goes by littleshake007; claimed his younger uncle saw original posting on this site for money laundering and made him cry. Attempted to prove he was honest by bringing up personal history from Oct to May and had 3 accounts opened in the US arguing I should fund things, didn't; he never funded and a 4th pending. Goes as Peter Bamo at 5'8" and born 09.10.81; newer: yesthatsmebella, he grew to 6'1" and 3 yrs older was a Virgo now a Capricorn, Now he is Peter Blaze two photos below are of the same young handsome bare chested man, the third and original is a young man in a hoodie, but obviously has a broken nose not on the two newer photos, one also on a horse with a white blaze, ergo his new name Peter Blaze and this one never remembers what he wrote or was written, ergo a Nigerian syndicate type of people or when on IM chat he is multitasking or in a boiler room as it takes forever for him to type two words as though taking orders from a suerviser GAYS particularly beware of this guiy looking for a "mark."

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Claims to Sold $8m Farm/Asks U Open Bank Acct Claims to Sold $8m Farm/Asks U Open Bank Acct


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  • Misha
  • Submitted: 09/13/2010
A correction on the yesmy... alias, it was yesbellathatsme. Now on the same site after being off at the invitation of the site for breach of terms of contract he managed to use his double horse photo with him atop, only on the social site his head does not show until one is inside. Admission is great as he did close the Clearwater yesbellathatsme, which had a chest up photo and now finally that photo appears on his favourite site again. His new name is Kelvin047. He has twice as a theif, extortionist, money launderer been thrown off yahoo and keeps trying so he can keep his little Nigerian boiler room at Lagos hounding people for money. Now he claims to be in Texas. Our border control has a full file on him and doubt he is in the USA, but good bait for new "marks." He uses a friend who may be part of his mini criminal syndicate with the site to remain online many hours a day along with Skype for he won't miss a spare dime unless he has to work for it or pick it up. On his current site he is listing himself for those who know initials as MTF which are people which often have more spendable income for such a likeable and love note writing thief.
  • Misha
  • Submitted: 09/13/2010
There is an error in the top, Peter Bamop's birthday for the past 10 months has been 09.19.81, now he is called Kelvin047 and a Pisces, sure has alot of birthdays. On his favourite social site which threw his littleshake007 off for TOC, he is hunting for new "marks." He did extort two hundred from me, the said if I did not give him another grand he would never communicate again, poor me said tough. He gave me the password to his Caymans account with the alleged 8 million for the Lagos, Nigeria farm. All Caymans accounts have same three pre letters, Peter's account Davis Davis had the letters in the wrong order. There were in two months seven duplicate transactions, a credit, then deposit, all same amount of each enounter, typical if the account were real to be laundering money. But even Google calles the bank a joke. Peter was upset I'd written about pg 50 on the search of Peter Bamo where it has morality talk. Well he is doing what that talk was called a lie. On the new site calls himself a MTW or man to woman, great trick to get more marks as people in that position often have more spendable income. He also no is in Texas, unique as Border Control, the IRS, and other organizations have full reports on his every activity. Yahoo pulled two of his accounts for breach of TOC, but what does a thief do to get new "marks" now using a friend, perhaps part of a small Lagos syndicate of guys to get his word out and bucks in. He would not pick up a dime if it meant bending over or working for it. He wanted to ship boxes of his stuff to CA, but in the center would be stones, hopefully not blood diamonds from Sierra leonne, did tell him Nigeria has great sapphires, wanted me to pay for delivery by "secret," not "private" delivery so Nigerian government would not go thru his stuff. I refused to pay cash for his stuff. All his IP addresses begin at now closest town to me, using my info. He wanted to ship a pair of packages via DHL with "a gift for you,"told him I did not want a fertility god. He wanted that money to go to Western Union to be wired back so he could appease me and pay his many months over due farmers their wages. About two months ago he closed the site yesthatsmebella and there was a chest up photo. Claims lost his photos and much with identity theft, yet this new website has that photo and him on the horse with one adjacent, only on the thumbnail, you do not see his head until inside. Still claims he is not Dutch in spite of his accent, dutch entry on his Facebook and paragraphs to him on Goodle in Dutch. Nice batch of over twenty well rounded ladies on his Facebooks fight for his integrity, yet he has none, an extortionist never would. All this writing is so if one guy or gal saves their money from this theif I am happy. With his birthday next week one thinks of the hatred between Jack Warner and Bette David. When Jack died, Bette was told to always speed good [sic well] of the dead. Bette said, "Jack is dead, good!" So, if Peter Bamo, Peter Blaze, Peter Bamo Bamo kills off all these names for his new Kelvin047 a prestigious name in Egypt, then Peter is dead... good! Short live Kelvin047 the extortionist, not the Egyptian person of esteem.

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