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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 06/03/2010
  • Severity: 10

Thomas Collins, Buck Collins

Love scammer

Truckee, California

Starts falling in love with you on third email... Then, quickly tries to get you to yahoo messenger, or, whatever is available to IM you.

Then he says his business is in trouble because he didn't know he wouldn't get paid the final large sum of money because... He was doing work in Malaysia and didn't know it was in their CONSTUTION that all large sums of money has to go to court in order to get paid... LOL.... He didn't have the money to hire an attorney.... LOL...

I told him that I was in commercial real Estate for over 20 years... That is unheard of ... even in a forien country.... NO!!!! He didn't get one penny from me..... I want to show everyone the photos of who he claims to be..... He has a set of photos of this guy to show his victoms.

I want to warn the poor guy that his pictures are being used in scams... There is more pictures this scam artist came to me with trying to get money from me... He/her... I would like to show everyone all the faces he used on me in different personas...

Just remember one thing... They always start off as being WELL OFF... Then something goes wrong and are in need of help..... DO NOT HELP THEM.... THEY DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP...... THEY ARE CONS... THEY DO NOT SHOW THEIR REAL FACE AT ALL!!!!

PS... The other personas, start off on the very first IM saying that he is in love with you... what a joke... I play along just to see how long it takes to ask you for money.... I have noticed a pattern with the amount they ask for.....$2,000.00 to be exact everytime... LOL...

There is more photos that i'm allowed to post..... I think it is from the same person that keeps trying to scam me... Soner or later they way he/she write comes out... JUST PAY ATTENTION to the way they misspell certain words... the way the say the word "these" instead of this...and so on... BE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!


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I want to put all photos of this guy in... I don't know how to do that now that this is already posted... At the time I posted this, the photos didn't upload for some reason.

I did however, post a new profile of this guy with 4 photos, udner the heading Current Scams... "COULD YOU BE THE ONE THAT FITS THE GLASS SLIPPER" .... Phil Phemmy, Mike Jones, mark0005, Bryand Cole ect...ect ..... These are just a few names he uses as well as Buck Collins, Thomas Collins.

I have at least 8 photos of him at all different ages..... Any suggestions on how I can post all of them, or, at least 4 on this profile????

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