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Paulette Nelson of Cedar Rose Persians

Paulette Nelson of Cedar Rose Persians

Unknown, Washington

Cedar Rose Website Updated - the Nelson's in WA
Posted Date: Fri Jan 4, 2008 12:00 pm ((PST))

Before reading below, I would first like to apologize for having to air this information publicly, however, the Nelsons have not responded to any personal emails (all the CC's you see above) or letters sent by certified mail. So I have no other recourse in trying to communicate with them other than through the xxxxxxxxxx. You are welcome to read the letter below, or to delete it.

Dear Ted and Paulette Nelson,

In 6 days it will have been a month since Belladonna was taken off your web site. As per our agreement, you would refund me the $1000. I have yet to receive these funds. As per the certified letters that I mailed to you both, and that Ted picked up his, but Paulette refused the letter, it stated that I would take further action if the funds were not sent to me. So this obvious choice of ignoring my letters speaks loudly that this is what you wish. Therefore I will proceed.

What makes this even more sad, is that you were recommended by another breeder who I thought was an honest breeder. However, she knows the troubles that I have been going through with the people of Cedar Rose, and she still promotes your cattery. You two are truly not honest breeders as is shown by your lack of communication to start with, as well as your lack of doing what you said you would do. This shows terribly on this other breeder as well, and therefore I cannot help but question her honesty and integrity as well. This also includes another breeder in another state that also is aware of our situation, and still continues to promote you as breeders. Again, their honesty as breeders is now questionable. I know that both of these breeders are on some of the yahoo groups that I am writing through, so you know my thoughts on the matter, and what I will mention should I ever be questioned by others about your catteries.

It is so sad when someone that is rather new like ourselves that comes into the cat fancy and expects to be treated with dignity and respect, but gets hit with the treatment that I have been given from Cedar Rose instead. Thankfully, the majority of breeders I have met have been good honest trustworthy people. Guess I was naive to think that all cat breeders were good people. I should have stuck with my first impression and stayed clear of your cattery when I would see kittens constantly for sell. A warning sign, that I didn't listen to. Now I have to pay the consequences of working with unethical individuals because I didn't listen to that gut feeling (as my mother always says "its the Lord speaking to you"). I should have listened.

Guess I'll be seeing you soon.
Again, I apologize to the list members for having to send this private message through the list. But I hope you understand that my hands are tied. Sorry.

Sincerely, Mary Carrizalez


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