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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 06/19/2010
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Brian K Jackson

Online Dating Scammer - Brian K. Jackson

Anaheim Hills, California

Brian K Jackson of Anaheim Hills, California, is currently under indictment (Summer 2010)for mortgage fraud in Las Vegas, Nevada. His companies, Unlimited Properties and Home Solutions, LLC, are in bankruptcy. He contacts women of substance on dating sites, wines them, dines them, says he is in love with them, then requires them to pay for his expenses if they expect to maintain a relationship with him. He carries on multiple relationships at once while conning each woman. He is an attractive, 39 year old black man. He tends to con women who are older and financially well off.

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Online Dating Scammer - Brian K. Jackson Online Dating Scammer - Brian K. Jackson Online Dating Scammer - Brian K. Jackson


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How does he require payment for expenses? Why pay?
Sometimes he asks women to "invest" in his business. When they start asking for their return on investiment he dumps them. Others he simply asks for money straight out. It's pay up or goodbye. Why pay? Women fall in love with him. He's charming.
How many woman have been scammed by this guy?
Pay or goodbye doesn't seem too charming...
What dating sites is he using? Can't something be done to
stop him?
He pleaded guilty in Federal court on July 9, 2010 and is due to be sentenced on December 10, 2010.

Check out his criminal past He was released from prison in 1995.

At least two of his past girlfriends have been incarcerated due to their involvement with him.
If you look at the link you posted, it says: "Prior felonies: No".

And if his past girlfriends found themselves incarcerated, then they also must have made some bad decisions. We all need to be responsible for our actions and decisions, even when blinded by "love".

You are clearly very hurt and angry with this man however, bitterness and resentment are self defeating. They are like taking poison and then hoping for someone else's demise.

Nope, not hurt or angry nor bitter and resentful. I merely sought to inform other women about him so that if they embark on a relationship with him, they can go in with eyes wide open.
Wish others could be convinced as you have convinced yourself. Your postings seem more vindictive than a Good Samaritan. Hope you find peace.
I found this information on this guy. The original poster was right. Women need to be warned about him.

Brian Keith Jackson surrendered in March 2011 and is incarcerated at Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution. He is serving a 24 month sentence.
He's charming like someone said and easy to love. He's found someone that doesn't care about his past, the stuff said and loves him. BJ has been truthful and he will be ok.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Every convict finds two things in prison--TRUE love and Jesus. Oldest scam in the world. Good luck with all that...
  • marie
  • Submitted: 06/13/2011
Wow, this is crazy!

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