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  • Submitted: 06/19/2010
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Christina Flores of Pristine Katz cattery

Christina Flores of Pristine Katz Cattery

Fort Worth, Texas

Should We sue breeder who sold us a sick Persian kitten?

We bought a pure bred Persian kitten at Fancy Cat show. We asked the breeder why there are sticky brown mucous around the eyes. Breeder said it's normal with Persian cats.

We purchased the kitten for $400, and immediate brought the kitten to a vet 2 days later (a Monday). The vet said the kitten has URI, and should be curable. After 10 days of antibiotics, no improvement. We waited several weeks, took the kitten back to the vet, another 10 days of treatment, still no improvement.

We contacted the breeder, and breeder agreed to take the kitten back. Agreed to exchange for another kitten the following yr. We were told no cash refund. 1 yr later, no kitten was returned. Breeder moved to Phoenix, AZ, and left no forwarding address.

We couldn't sue breeder in CA, but can sue her in Phoenix. We need to spend money to get her address in order to serve. Is it worth the effort? Are there other ways? Breeder website is

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Christina Flores of Pristine Katz Cattery


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  • Submitted: 01/07/2012
Please contact me regarding this cattery as I've had a run in with her too and would like to get more knowledge about your experience.

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