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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 06/19/2010
  • Severity: 7

Parkin Powell

Facebook Romance/Money Scammer

Moston, LTH

Parkin Powell (name used by scammer) is a suspected romance/money scammer on facebook. Claims to be a widowed 46 year old white British man with a teenage daughter named Betty of 14 years old. Speaks with Eastern European accent or could also fit Nigerian accent to some degree. When he called - once supposedly from the UK but the country code seemed to be coming from Korea and the second call came from Malaysia which he supposedly was there to do some business. Not a drop of British accent. Uses British telephone numbers and also Malaysian number. He has the nerve to even state he works for the UN. Uses yahoo and sms as well. I believe he also has Skype. Goes by these email addresses and phone numbers...
+447031895654 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +447031895654      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
+44 7516 073237

Claims to live at this place
No 20 stovell road,moston,manchester city

He'll pour out all the sweet words to lure you to gain trust in him, even tells you he will visit you with his daughter to spend time with you, blah blah blah. Seems pretty genuine at first and once the scammer senses you might trust him, he tries to make the kill making up a story of an emergency in a foreign country and try to get you to part your money to help him promising he would pay you back. Same old scam story and the gullible ones would probably fall for such a trap!

Really.. scammers would use anything in their power to make it as believable as possible. Don't let your guard down until proven otherwise. This is a time 'selfishness' is forgiven! Scammers get impatient after a while and makes silly mistakes that would reveal who they really are eventually.

I believe scammers do use photos they scammed from people who they have tried to scam. So if you have exchanged photos with them during your interaction, don't be surprised your photos may be floating somewhere on the web! Scary!

Such people should be stopped from 'hurting' innocent souls. Assuming the scammer didn't use his own photos; to anyone who knows the real identity of the man and the girl, please inform them that their photos are being used in a scam with the intention to 'take advantage' of innocent souls!

Sometimes I wonder if some 'scammers' are researchers/investigators collecting data for their research? Hmmm...

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Facebook Romance/Money Scammer Facebook Romance/Money Scammer


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Where is the photo of the girl?
I had written this before signing up. Originally the photos of the girl was attached with the post but I guess the moderator removed it due to legal reasons I guess since the 'said scammer is the adult'.

If you'd like to exchange similar stories or see the girl's photo, drop me a line. The scammer sent me about 5 photos of her - 4 looked pretty professionally taken and 1 was normal. From the looks it could pass as his real daughter but it's hard to confirm. As to the adult, he has only those two photos above.

The rest of his photos I had seen from his profile but didn't get a chance to save it before he removed it from his profile were pretty questionable as to whether the photos were of the same man or a combination of different men who somewhat resembled the man above but the younger version to show his aging process. Honestly speaking those looked totally different from the above pics.
  • indu
  • Submitted: 11/17/2010
I believed we experienced the same story...with the same guy but different name. His age also similar, phone number different but from same country UK and Malaysia, I knew him through FB. How to or can I get in touch with you? I believed he staying in Malaysia and now is screwing Malaysian Women Souls...must be he really proud of himself by staying in Malaysian luxury hotel...with women money!!!

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