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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/04/2010
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FRAUD ALERT! All Tune & Lube - Land O Lakes, Fl.

Land O lakes, Florida, 34639

This "business" has taken money from me as well as others after not doing the work correctly or even at all! Most of the cases have happened since the new owner took over according to C.O.C. and two Tampa Bay news stations. The employees are not honest with you if they don't know how to fix something. They will actually guess and hope they get it right. In at least three cases, they supposedly fixed everything except for what is actually is causing the problem, and then actually try to convince you that they told you from the beginning that they told me what the problem is. They actually admit to fixing things by order of elimination!! All this happens when at the same time they charge you for all of the things your car didn't need fixed in the first place!

I will not let this rest until I get MY money back that they took from me. My wife and several other Land O Lakes residents have already started a a successful campaign to boycott this business! We work too hard, many of us paycheck to paycheck to have businesses like this cheat us for our hard earned money. This time, they picked the wrong guy.


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