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  • Submitted: 07/05/2010
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Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls Cattery

Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls Cattery

N/A, California

One review for Rock Creek Ranch Ragdolls Cattery
San Diego, CA
6/20/2010 1 photo Never heard from her again.

This place seems like a reputable cat breeder of Ragdolls. If you check out their website, it is extensive and well done (especially when compared to others).

However, a week ago, I called asking to see if she had any Bicolor Ragdoll females available. She said she had a 5 month old Blue Bicolor that was ready to go to a home, but wasn't currently listed online. She didn't mention any of the other kittens on the website, which I found a little odd as I saw several Bicolor females listed that had just been born. In any case, she explained that the reason it was so much older than usual was because it was so sweet, had just been spayed, and they hadn't gotten around to posting it on the website.

I asked how much for the kitten. She said $900. I thought, whoa, expensive! I said that the cat breeders I had contacted in San Diego were quoting $600 - $650. She said that was because San Diego is saturated with Ragdoll cat breeders and that I should just buy one from there then (she got a bit testy). She also said that they probably don't neuter and spay at that price, at which I told her, yes, most of them did. But that none of the breeders I had contacted in San Diego had a Bicolor female available.

I said I was still interested, but would love to see a photo. She said to email her and she'd send one the next day. I asked her a few other questions about the health guarantee, etc. and everything seemed pretty much on the up and up. She sounded a bit harassed, and she later said she was feeding the kittens.

I emailed her promptly that day. No response, as she promised, the next day. I emailed again 2 days later with a short, friendly follow-up. Again, no response. I called and left a message. No return call. I called and left another message the next day. Again, no return call. It's now been about a week since I first talked to her and I have never heard from her again, and it looks like I never will.

I can't speak to the quality of the cats. I would have loved to have seen a photo of the Blue Bicolor female and I would have most likely purchased her. However, the lack of follow-up, in other words, the poor "customer support" leads me to give this Ragdoll breeder 1 star. It makes me wonder what she does when someone who has purchased a cat from her has a complaint, i.e. a kitten that is sick or one that needs to be returned. Does she simply ignore their communications like she's ignoring mine?

I'll never know.

When comparing her to other Ragdoll cat breeders, here's more info:

1. $900 per kitten, more when they are sold to show in competition or as breeders
2. $250 NON REFUNDABLE deposit to reserve a kitten from a litter
3. Kittens come from Supreme Grand Champion lines
4. They claim the kittens are hand raised, never caged, and well socialized, as well as raised with a small, family dog.
5. Kittens will be trained to use scratching pads, sisle posts, and litter boxes.
6. Kittens come with a written contract, TICA registration papers, a two year genetic health guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee against HCM (genetic heart disease).
7. Kittens are available at 10 - 12 weeks of age
8. All kittens sold as pets are spayed or neutered before going home
9. Sometimes retired breeders are available at a reduced price
10. Offers micro chipping at an additional expense
11. $250 - $350 to ship kittens within the US and Canada. Will ship internationally for show/breeder kittens to approved catteries.
12. De-clawing your cat is forbidden in the contract

Also, if you ever want to check out if there are complaints against a cat breeder, try http://ComplaintsBoard.... It's the only place I've found online. I tried the BBB and most if not all cat breeders are not registered with them.

At least I didn't find this cat breeder in the complaints that I could find.


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Please refer to my post. Sadly, you will find it interesting. Ugh.

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