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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/10/2010
  • Severity: 10


Lockerz Redemptions

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This company Is a online based site where users are collecting "pointz" by referring people to the site, so then you gain "pointz" and are supposed to be able to redeem electronics with the pointz, When I placed my order for a HDTV using my pionts, they Later sent me a Email Falsely accusing my of cheating or hacking, so they canceled my order and Removed all my credit from my account. They did NOT specify what i "supposedly" did, they just said, you were "iether not honest, Hacking, Spamming, or Cheated". But They have done this to thousands of members of the site that were supposed to receive products in the mail. They've been sending out thousands emails saying that there Order is canceled accusing is of cheating, and lost all our Credit and prizes. It also occurred to several good friends of mine that Worked Legitimately for these items. This site Is Practicing Fraud & scams. They get our Valuable time, spending hours referring people and working to get pionts, then just screw us. Dont use

Another trick that they use is they promise 24/7 redemption once their site launches. First it was late 2008, then mid 2009, then early 2010, and YET Lockerz has failed in providing 24/7 redemption.

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