Scam: #1274
Scam Alert
International Finance and Trust, LTD

Fort Myers, Florida

Securing Fraudulent Delosits for Loan Scam
Severity: 10


Submitted: 09/07/2010


This a continuaton of the invester scam that has been going on for over a year now and they have scammed over six million dollars from investers. There now moving into suggesting they can get large commercial loans with a 10% deposit and I have personally spoken with two potential investers who backed off and also an invester they scammed. The players involved in the scam are as follows: John Boshert, Jennifer Hoffman, Julie Holden, Kurt Hamilton, and Bryan Smith. They will use brokers to try and give them credability and introduce them to you but many of the brokers do no research and can produce no verifyable client. If you do your research you will find everybody on this list has had some legal troubles and most are being litigated against for fraud as we speak. They will tell you that your money is in an escrow account and both have to sign for the release of the deposit but it will be gone when you go to check on the status of it. You can also find out more about their endeavor on ""
Do your homework and stear clear of thses people. Challenge the broker who tells you they are okay and really do your search on the Internet on the people and the company. THIS IS A SCAM for SURE!!!!

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