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the mega millons company

las vegas, Nevada

won money in lottery
Severity: 10

Submitted: 04/07/2012


i received a call from a company called The Mega Millions Compnay telling me I had won $680,00 because I payed my bills on time. All they needed was for me to pay a processing fee of $250.00. I told them I didn't have that kind of money and they said no problem. The man's name was Jonothan Shine. He asked for all my personal info and like a fool I gave it to him. He said they were going to wire the money into my checking account. At first I was skeptical and somehow I ended up believing him. This guy is good!!! He really knows how to scam and almost mesmerizes a person, especially if you are hurting for money and raising children. He goes for the weakest people and I don't consider myself a weak person, however, I am hurting for money as alot of people are in these times of economic dysfunction. One day later, my identity was stolen, my money was stolen from my bank account, they tried to take out loans in my name,etc. I was a fool. The numbers I have been called from are (775) 410-5919 and (876) 568-8119. The last number is a Jamaican area code and the first number is a Reno area code. I have been doing my own investigation and the place the 775 number is located is in Reno in a residential area with apartment buildings. The number is from a Magic Jack and the address given to me through documents e-mailed to me was 303 Carter Street Las Vegas Nevada. Please be careful. The other names to watch out for are James Carter, Selma Ward and someone with a phony name posing as an FBI agent Special Agent Snyder from the fraud division whcich is also a scam.

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