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Henning Morales & eWorld Companies

Los Angeles, California

Theft of Services / Non-payment of contracted services
Severity: 10

Submitted: 09/30/2010

Henning Morales (Moral-Less) and his cohorts at eWorld Companies have continuously defrauded investors, abused employees through theft of services, and continues to do so in order to fund his extravagent lifestyle. Below is a list of individuals (ex-employees) who are currently owed money for their services to eWorld. All of these individuals have been owed these monies for over 6 months, with dollar amounts totalling well over $30,000.00. Henning's tactic is to promise payment (but continually falls short due to "cash flow problems") but fails to produce on any level. Once past employees take steps towards recovery Henning cuts off contact all together. With a company stock price at $0.0001/share and Henning still selling preferred shares at $.50/share there should be no "cash flow issues." It must be the multi-million dollar house he recently purchased for himself with investor fund in the Hollywood Hills.

Past employees owed money:

Casey Yarbrough $3000 Owed since February 2010

Griffin Moodie $6000 Owed since March/April 2010

Stephen Goodman $12,455 Owed since January 2010

Gloria Morrison Approx $10,000 Owed since January 2010

Many more to follow........

On top of Henning's extravegant home, he constantly travels to Spain, sporting events, and across the nation under the guise of business. No financial returns have been seen from any of these "business trips," and the company has not generated a profit since inception. Henning Morales is the downfall of what couldve been a profitable business model, the technology is extremely outdated, the marketing is heading in the opposite direction of profitibility. This company only exists to fund Henning's big shot image. Remove Henning Morales from eWorld Companies, re-engage the technology team responsible for the original technology, and stop spending money on frivilous ego boosting events and eWorld might still have a chance.

eWorld Companies Inc - GOT SCAMMED

Submitted: 05/19/2011

May 11, 2011
My name is Henning Morales, CEO and co-founder of eWorld Companies, Inc. I am writing on behalf of the Company and myself personally to respond to some information posted on your website.

If the person who posted information about our company will contact our business office at, we will immediately look into this matter, get to the bottom of it and settle this issue. This is our standing policy for handling such matters.

eWorld’s Policy re: “Consumer Protection” Websites

I also want to make clear our company’s position in regard to “consumer protection” websites. We understand that there may be cases where legitimate gripes are aired on these sites in order to apply pressure on wrongdoers to make things right. However, we also know that all too often the information posted is one-sided, misleading, exaggerated and sometimes downright false. Such postings are made by individuals who have personal vendettas against a company or individuals and who use these sites in their attempts to smear, slander or extort something that they do not deserve. Unfortunately these sites often rank high on search engines and therefore even the most outrageous statements are misinterpreted by viewers as credible complaints.

One of the major problems is that individuals are not required to verify that they have a valid issue before they post on these sites. This anonymity gives them license to attack and badger the so-called “wrongdoer”, who has no means of defense. When the attacked party attempts to respond to the website company with accurate information, that company’s representative typically responds that people are able to post as they wish, citing “freedom of speech” and saying that they cannot interfere.

Another problem of which many people are unaware is that many of these “consumer websites” are located offshore and actually make their money accepting direct payments in exchange for taking down these negative (and often false) posts. Obviously, the more outrageous statements they allow to be posted, the higher their profits. If the attacked victim refuses to “pony up”, their only other option is to hire a ‘reputation management’ company that will counteract these defamatory posts with positive press for a monthly retainer of $5,000 to $10,000.

I do not know whether your site engages in such activities or not. However, we encourage all viewers, before they give any credibility to any postings on any consumer website, to first attempt to contact someone at that site’s corporate office and make sure the site is legitimate. If they have difficulty finding an address, finding someone to talk to, or getting a quick response to their inquiry, then they should take everything posted on that “consumer website” with a grain of salt and assume that it is bogus until proven otherwise. We also suggest that the reader carefully consider the source of each posting… in many cases you can’t even find out who the source is… no name, no resume, and no references are provided.

Our company policy is very clear. We believe that negotiating with terrorists never works and we will not support an industry based on such ridiculousness. Paying bribes or giving in to extortion may work in the short term but around every corner there is another hand out with a dry palm waiting to be greased. Where does it end?

As far as eWorld itself is concerned, we stand firmly behind our good reputation. We encourage you to consider our Advisory Board, which includes a federal judge, industry pioneers, and Grammy and Emmy award winners. Take a look at the stellar backgrounds of our staff. Check out our sponsors who are internationally known household names. Our company has remained in business and thrived in the most chaotic business environment we have seen in our lifetimes and has helped support thousands of independent artists and multiple children-oriented charities. We are very proud of our accomplishments and we stand ready to respond to any individual or entity that feels they have a legitimate issue or concern. However, we will not allow our reputation to be sullied by the ranting and ravings of unnamed sources and unverified posts, and we reserve the right to take all legal means available to protect ourselves if the need arises. We certainly hope this will not be necessary.

Henning Morales
CEO, eWorld Companies, Inc.

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