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Jeniffer John Nelson

Dakar, West Africa

Please help me get my late fathers money!
Severity: 10


Submitted: 02/16/2013


Started mailing me from a dating site she said she found me on and wanted me to help her retrieve all her late fathers money of which she was the sole beneficiary. She promised me 30% of the money which she would pay me as compensation and would even come over to me and marry me as well. I would also have to help her invest her money in a very good and profitable business. The bank requested documents from me which could only be drawn up by a senegalese lawyer which she had appointed. Failing to work with the lawyer, the bank then tried sending a diplomatic courier over to me with the millions of dollars that were to be her inheritance. Obviously they could not find me at all. I began mailing her back on 6 other addresses and each one was responded to with 100% the same mail and photos each time. Each time she swore that she was not mailing anyone else at all but me alone.
Got 2 replies back the other day saying that I need to supply my true details as she would like to compensate me with $300.000.00 for all my efforts that I had gone through, but were unsuccessful, but she had found someone who had accepted her situation and had already helped her out of her horrific living situation that she had to live in whilst fleeing near death from her evil step mother.

sangramadhikary - DISAGREES

Submitted: 05/04/2013

i am fro india he tolled me i will send you my father money to your bank account.

sangramadhikary - DISAGREES

Submitted: 05/04/2013

dont bilive the guy,

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