Scam: #16002
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Yorkshire Bank PLC

London, Kansas

funds transfer 3
Severity: 5

Submitted: 05/16/2013

Yorkshire Bank PLC
Funds transfer scam

Scammer List

Yorkshire Bank Laywer Morris Moriba
Address: 37 Bradshawgate Bolton BL1 1DS, United Kingdom.
Interpol Eric Bore
IC3 Brown Cotton
US soldier James Miller
US soldier Parcker Green

They are working in a group to scam people.

This is the real 419 scam and these people are real pro scammers since they are asking money all the time.

All of the scammers never admit they are scammers. They are indeed are liars, criminals and scammers. They always ask money but they impersonate the people who are from the authorities, lawyers or bankers..

This is typical scam mail.

The funds transfer that can be done here has a limit. This is the limit of 1 Million Japanese Yen equivalent. If you have the 10% of it which is 100,000 JPY.

Please send it to Mr. David Moore, then I can rush to the bank and the bank will make the first transfer today.

I do not lie and have no time for shitty words.


Barr: Morris Moriba.


Kindly take note that your funds is in progress. They have asked you to resend your full bank details to avoid any mistake. You have also got to know that the stamp duty for 1million yen is different and they have told me that you will pay 40,000yen for stamp duty.
I am waiting.
The bank is in process.
Barr: Morris.


Lie lie lie...

queen4u - GOT SCAMMED
new york, New York
Submitted: 05/19/2013

Hello Dear
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