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Michael ( Mike ) Gomez of MGI International, LLC, Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Paid $6000.00 cash and promised to get me a job
Severity: 10

Submitted: 09/08/2013

My name is Peter, native of Chicago and Mike I used to meet each privately for drinks at scarlet bar ( well known gay bar ) 3320 N Halsted St Chicago for several years ( Maybe 2 years or so ) and sometimes in my place in Oak Lawn. We meet and have drinks and smoke some weed. He shared his desires with me. He always paid and we took care of each others needs.

As Mike was a recruiter for MGI International, LLC, Chicago, he promised and guaranteed to get me a job at Nestle Waters as he a sexual relationship with the man who in a higher Executive position. The job was guaranteed

I met Mike last in July and he wanted me to pay him cash for getting me this job. I wanted to write a check in the name of MGI International, LLC, I suggested that I pay half now and other half when he finds me the job. He wanted me to pay cash as he did not want to pay IRS for taxes and he said he needed the money to support to his drug habit, He said now he getting his clients to pay part cash to avoid taxes.
It has almost been 2 months since I saw or heard of him last. He does not answer my phone calls or I have not seen him at his favorite hangout scarlet bar. The manger at the scarlet bar told me he owes them money.

What do I do. I want to get my money back . I do not want him to scam innocent people with his phoney BS sales talk.

Help me

Peter Reed

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