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Aaron Mathew Slatten

Westerville, Ohio, 43082

Watch your wallet!
Severity: 5

Wilmington, North Carolina
Submitted: 05/12/2011


Aaron Slatten was a guest in my home during the week of May 2. On May 6, he went into my wallet, wrote down my debit card number and paid his $487.00 cell phone bill. I spoke with his Pastor, Rev. Karen Tareda and she explained to me that he is a con artist and preys on Christian men. I filed charges against him with the Pender County Sheriffs Department.

Aaron Matthew Slatten - GOT SCAMMED

Submitted: 06/24/2011

The gentleman who constructed this post, his name is Jim Thomas. His business is Tasteful Creations out of Wilmington, NC. They have received numerous poor reviews. His business is a non-success. Jim Thomas has chosen to leave this post up, as it is, incorrectly spelled. The actual gentleman he is looking for spells his last name "Slatton," and lives in Westerville, OH. Jim met this gentleman through a dating service, and irresponsibly decided to invite a stranger into his house. Jim paid for his plane ticket. Jim gave him a Rolex. Jim is an adult, and an idiot. Lest it be known, it is better to develop a slow relationship, than it is to jump into something like unadmitted, prenegotiated sex. Jim should learn to spell correctly, and should act considerately and intelligently when confronted by truly innocent people affected by his ignorance.

jatj22 - GOT SCAMMED
Wilmington, North Carolina
Submitted: 06/24/2011

I sincerely apologize to Mr. Slatten from Kentucky for the incorrect spelling of the the Mr. Slatton's name from Ohio. Mr. Slatten connected my yesterday and informed me that he too was Mr. Slatten but the picture associated with Mr. Slatton form Ohio was not him. I am confused as to why Mr. Slatten from Kentucky would be concerned over a scam that occured many states away from a person who does not look like him? Mr. Slatten's slanderous comments about my business shows to me that he must have something to hide from someone since he insists on turinng the emphazises of this scam from Mr. Slatton to me. I have contacted this site, as I agreed to with Mr. Slatten, to correct the spelling of the name Slatton.

rrich6565 - GOT SCAMMED

Submitted: 07/06/2011

I have done some research on this post and I have talked to Mr. Slatton. Jim Thomas loaned him the money and it was paid back two weeks ago. Also, Mr. Thomas stated that he gave him a "Rolex" watch when in fact it was a Seiko watch and that was returned to the man too.

I have also noticed that Mr. Thomas has done these reports on other men in his past. This is slander and should be removed. Also, Mr. Slatton has not lived in Ohio for over a year. Beware of meeting people like this it could complicate your life when you can post anything on the internet!

He should at least have the common courtesy to post that he recieved his money and his Seiko watch back!

What a sad person to have nothing else to do than belittle someone when they really should be looking at themselves in the mirror.

jatj22 - GOT SCAMMED
Wilmington, North Carolina
Submitted: 07/06/2011

For the record, I have NOT been paid back the money I 'loaned" Aaron Slatton. The bank refunded the money he stole from me as they always do when there is FRAUD involved. I never said anything about a watch, the other Mr. Slatten did and it was an Armitron, not Seiko. Mr. Slatton flew here from Columbus Ohio.


Submitted: 09/16/2012

I have to agree with jatj22. Dr. Aaron M Slatton is a scam artist. I am one of his victims. BUT I suffered far more than $437 dollars. He was a friend (I thought) and he went through my filing cabinets and stole credit card checks. Before I knew it he had written checks for over $18,000. Oh he promised to pay me back. So I waited. and waited and waited. I was sick about this for 2 years. I did get maybe 8000 back, but then he wrote checks that bounced and caused me more grief. by the time I tried to turn him in no one would take the case. He continued to change his phone number and tell me lies about where he was living and what he was doing. He wrote checked and forged my name, and got away with it. He has now changed his number again. He moved out of Westerville Ohio to somewhere near Myrtle Beach area. (At least that is what he said) He said he started in a very prosperous business but there is no proof. He lies and cheats others. I finally ended up paying off most of those cards, since I waited for him to pay, the Credit Card companies said I waited to long and made a deal with him. Then I settled with one credit card. It has taken a LONG time to restore my credit and move on. Aaron Slatton is not one to be trusted AT ALL. He is in some insurance investment company and should never deal with anyone's money. I wish that someone would somehow catch him and prosecute him to the fullest extent.


Submitted: 01/28/2013

I have noticed after some research that this was not the man you were speaking of. He looked familar but when I posted the last comment then did further research this was the wrong man. I hope I have not done damage to this man in the picture. Sorry for posting the above response I wanted to delete it but had no idea how to do that. BUT oh well this response may help restore some of this guys reputation. Sorry again.


Submitted: 09/19/2013

MHS, can you tell me what research you did that led you to believe that the man in the picture is not the person who scammed you? Don't you know what he looks like if he was in your house? Because the man in the picture's name is Aaron M Slatton and he did move from Ohio to near Myrtle Beach, and he was indeed working with some kind of investment insurance company. So why did you retract your story and say it wasn't him after all? I'm just curious. Because the man in the picture is now asking everyone he knows for money via social media because he says he has cancer-and is raising a lot of money from people who have known him at some point. If you know that this is the man who conned you, please confirm that your story was indeed correct so that these many people do not lose their hard earned money if this is a scam-I'm not saying that it is, but it would be good to know before people give away large amounts of money to him.

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