Scam: #3022
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Jennifer Gary

Rancho Sante Fe, California, 92067

Needing help to pay rent in UK land lord has documents.
Severity: 10


Submitted: 05/27/2011


After meeting Jennifer on
She suggested we chat on yahoo IM also has
After talking for 2 days of talking, and gaining my trust
She asked for help her with her rent in the UK.
Her landlord was holding her visa, and she was robbed a week earlier by a cab driver
She told me she needed $350.00 to pay her rent, and wanting me to wire it through
Western union.
All I had was $225, and she wanted me to send that.
Western union was down that, and she became very antsy
Before I sent anything I looked up online dating scams
and reviewed the information.
Putting 2 and 2 together, and matching up all the details, and did not send the money.
I have got 3 emails from her trying to make me feel guilty for not helping her when she needs me.
I wish there was a way to bait the money and arrest this person.
Any way I can bring this person to justice I am willing to do
Too bad there isn't a company that would hire me to bring these people down

paulie7515 - GOT SCAMMED

Submitted: 06/06/2011

Thanks for posting I've been talking to her also she hasn't asked for money yet and now she says she lives in Miami but thanks for the heads up

will2787s - GOT SCAMMED

Submitted: 06/29/2011

How did everything turn out?
Did she ask you for help?
If this post has helped anyone not get scammed
Than I feel better

will2787s - GOT SCAMMED

Submitted: 06/29/2011

Most dating scams happen on aol or yahoo chat rooms
If you find yourself in a chat room and the person is in another country
Put up a red flag
If they can't give a phone number to you after 2 or 3 times talking
There is another red flag
Getting to know someone in a chat room is ok, but if they are serious
About you; they should want to talk to you soon
Meeting anyone new can be dangerous, but keeping a way out
Is a good idea
Meeting at a public place instead of someones house is the best way out
Also committing to coffee or something fast

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