Scam: #3203
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Glorydolls Ragdolls

Hartford, Wisconsin, 53027

Unethical Breeder of Sick Cats
Severity: 10

Submitted: 06/21/2011

Unless you want to have years of promises made, and promises broken, stay away from this breeder! She does not stand behind her cats! I have lost thousands of dollars with her sick cats that wound up dead. I purchased a show/breeder ragdoll kitten in the beginning of 2008. He never bred, and he never showed. He was neutered, and died several months later. She sent two other female kittens to me, and they both died of FIP too. Cats are living things, and things can always happen, but she will not stand behind her cats. She will string you along with promises, break those promises, and leave you with veterinary bills and dead cats. If you care about your family, stay away from Bev Metz and Glorydolls Ragdolls. You will end up broken hearted!!!

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