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David Cerullo and Mike Murdock Inspiration Ministries

Charlotte, North Carolina, 28241

Inspiration Ministries Is a fraud a scam
Severity: 10

Submitted: 10/13/2011

David Cerullo and Mike Murdock from inspiration Ministries are two conman's bozo's telling pretending to be so holy people that god told them if you send them $1000 that you will immediately became a millionaire. This people are running a mayor fraud or they are just mentally ill and perhaps an involuntary psychiatric hospitalization may be necessary for those clowns. This people are showing extreme symptoms of having a psychosis hearing voices, having grandiose dilutions and manic episodes. This people should be in a psychiatric hospital or in Jail for the rest of there life's. I have sent them close to $3000 since 2009 and the total opposite happen after I sent them the money and those free loaders have been refusing to give me my money back


Submitted: 08/13/2012

Dr Mike Murdock is NO conman; he KNOWS better we Cajuns from Louisiana would not be scammed and Dr Mike KNOWS this as he too is a Cajun. He would come up missing in the bayous in an alligator pit real quick. Besides he doesn't claim untruths YOU misunderstand his message. GOD looks in your souls heart and KNOWS you are just wanting to get rich with NO intentions of doing good for God so HE (God) is not giving you what you want until you are smart enough at least to relize God to be capitalized and so much more. So did you send $ I seriously doubt it; conman.

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