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James Walker

Dallas, Texas

Oil rig romance scam
Severity: 7

Submitted: 11/16/2011

I met James Walker on Sep. 6, 2011. He said he worked for KCA Deutag as a consultant geologist and was in Dallas, TX. He was very sweet and kind and said he was falling in love with me. He even told me to contact his 10 yr old daughter who was in the UK in a boarding school. Oct 8th he said he was going to the North Sea to work on an oil rig for KCA Deutag. The whole time he would email me and tell me how much he loved me. On Nov. 11th he emailed me that he was getting paid for an old contract he did in Scotland so time ago and because he was on an oil rig he couldn't claim it and wanted me to. The amount was 4 million USD. He gave me the name of the lawyer in Scotland/UK that would handle the transfer of funds. His name is Barrister Orand Jose. I emailed him not realizing it was a scam and got an email back with a "beneficiary form" to fill out, plus he wanted a scan of my passport. My son informed me this was a scam. I contacted the Bar Association in the UK, plus the Law Society of Scotland and found out that Orand Jose is not a lawyer. I took the lawyer forms to my bank who said they had seen them before and that they were fraudulent and explained to me how the scam works. There is no 4 million USD. They send a check which you deposit in the bank, then right away they tell you to send half of it back for "taxes". You send that back and then the check bounces leaving your account millions overdrawn and you're liable for it because the account is in your name. My heart is broken and I am humiliated but I did not lose any money. Please be careful when you date online and the person says they work out of the country.

lisa marie - GOT SCAMMED

Submitted: 01/02/2012

I know how you feel. My scammer, Bradley Bolton (see his page) was "working" in Malaysia when he found out that Malaysian banks do not take wire transfers from the UK (where his money was), but they did take them from the U.S. or Canada (where I live). He wanted me to set up an offshore domicillary account with his fake accountant, David Noel, then he would "transfer" me hundreds of thousands of dollars to me and I, in turn, would wire it to him in Malaysia. Of course, the "accountant" would have gotten all of my info (and in talking to my bank, they told me I would have had to have been a UK resident to open up an offshore domicillary account in the UK). I could have been arrested and gone to prison for money laundering and tax evasion, as the money would have been in my name. Of course, between my getting the "money" and it being transferred to Malaysia, we all know it would have gone bad. I shutter at the thought of what may have hepened to me by this scumbag scammer.

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