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Linda Smith\ Maame Paker

Kumasi, West Africa

Love dating
Severity: 5

Submitted: 02/17/2012

I met lindasmith56 on Skype in September 2011 and started sending me photo's most of them nudes and on several of them had the name Raven So I checked out the site and found out that she is a Porn Actress\ Director and for a Monthly Fee of $ 29.95 you get access to all of her Pictures, Movies, Video Chats to download. She would write the amazing words of undying love and other type statements and that her dad was from Ghana and had died. She was taking care of her mom there and that she had given up the Porn and went through all of her money in five years time and was in Nursing School there and needed money to get back home on, I have also found her Pictures on Stop- Scammers .com They say it is a person named Maame Paker doing this and is in Ghana running the scam. Using Several Different Names email address' there are also Phone Numbers given on the Page along with several street address form Ghana, Nigeria, UAE there is also a person named Sarah Pate doing the same Scam and she is supposedly a Sex Slave over there and running Drugs annd other things. Since none of Raven is Copywritten it makes it really easy for Scammers to get the Materials to use. I also have the Chats on Skype and Yahoo Messenger. and have recipets on Money sent through Western Union and for a 15" Sony Viao Laptop computer and Maling Recipts and US Custom tracking Information.

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