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Ramos Smith

Accra, Accra, Africa

Dating site money scam
Severity: 7

Submitted: 03/18/2012

I was contacted by this man on the I was asked to go off the site and chat with him on Yahoo Instant Messanger, which like an idiot, I did. He was very charming, even used his web cam to show me who he was and where, in his room. The funny thing was when he send me his pictures they didn't match the man I saw on the web cam. As thing progressed he said he was very sad because he had a 7 year old daughter in Accra, Africa staying with a friend and it was her Birthday and he didn't have any money to send her. He wanted me to send her $500.00. When I told him I didn't have any money to send, said that was ok, he understood, and we continued to talk. After a few days his said he loved me and wanted to come home and marry me, but He needed $2000.00 to get to me. I knew something was up, but he was a very smooth talker and very convencing. Women are not as stupid as men think. I looked him up on line and found him here, with the same pictures he sent me. Ladies beware he said he was back to the same site again to look for someone to love. (SCAM) I don't understand why or how people can do this to someone, I know it is for money, but I will never understand it, It is so evil.

This is his address he gave me to send hime the money, I did not send him any thank God.

Well Baby here is the address again




ZIP CODE,,,00233


that is the address baby

I really hope that this helps other women to not let this man hurt them or take their money. He is just evil.

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