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Lynette Massow

Unknown, Connecticut

Whisker Wur AKA AZMews
Severity: 5

Submitted: 06/15/2010

12-10-2005, 03:09 PM Be cautious as to where, and who you purchase your cat from!! My wife, and I purchased a Burmese cat from a breeder located in CT.- name of cattery is Whisker Wuv Burmese. Owner of cattery- Lynette Massow. Remember that name, and name of the cattery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To start off problem began with the cat being ill. Had a upper respiratory infection, ring worm, under weight and ear mites. I can understand the ear mites situation, I've heard that does tend to happen when getting a cat from a breeder. Environment in the household was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! She had to have @ least 20 cats roaming around. Bird feces on the floor -(yes inside the house)!! Make a long story short- we did not get registration papers to register the feline w/ C.F.A., my wife, and I had left numerous amount of messages for her, no return call, and/ or explanation!! Cat was "fixed", and breeder was well aware of that!! We did get the cat because we traveled est. 2-3 hours, and we felt bad for cat. This was our first time dealing w/ a breeder, so be VERY CAREFUL where kitty comes from!!! This individual was obviously out for money, and nothing else

12-15-2005, 08:26 PM To Alicat- we got a purebred because- YES we did do research on the Burmese breed- and we both loved it's personality, and it's intelligence!! ENOUGH SAID!! As far as the papers are concerned I don't really give a damn if we got the papers @ this point or not!! Point is don't B.S. my wife, and I. I also have a Blue Point Siamese, we bought him w/ the understanding NO PAPERS- which I'm cool w/- I just don't like being bull&@$@#&*!!!!!!!!!! As far as the authorities are concerned- yes I reported her to the local animal control officer- explained to her the situation, she stated that she was going to "stop by the house"- until today I have yet to hear a thing!! Bottom line is that I originally posted this thread to give the general public a "heads up"!!!!!!

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