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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/30/2010
  • Severity: 10

Elias Moreno

House Rental Scam in the Bronx

Council Bluffs, Iowa

This person promises to rent here 3 bedroom home in the bronx for $1100 per truly is beautiful, but she is in Iowa. She comes off as a good christian woman who would never do any harm to her fellow man and tell you to send her $1100 in security so that she will send you the keys so you can view the apt and everything is refundable it i dont like it. Then she consults with her lawyer who says, to collect 1 months rent before sending the keys. So i you send 1 months rent and 1 months security and she then says, for convenience, rent should be paid every 3 months and an additional 2 months rent is needed and all this before see the place; all the while telling you that this is not a scam and she would never to harm to her fellow man. When she was told that she wouldnt get anymore money until i got to view the place, she said she would ship it and then once i got the tracking info, then to send the remaining 2200. I told her that i had to see it first and i would then send the 2 months, from the picture i really liked the place. So she shipped it, but then put it on hold because she did not receive 2200 more dollars...all before allowing me to see the place. So now i request the return of my money, she agreed and i have not heard from her since. I AM FILING CHARGES! AVOID HER LIKE THE PLAGUE! This ad posted on craigslist and backpage!


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Same woman tried to scam me. It was a Kelowna listing.

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